The elevenlabs plugin is capable of generating new data, such as text, images, audio, and video. What kinds of data it generates depends on the model that backs it. It runs in an auto-managed cloud stack. Steamship handles API Keys, scaling, and asynchronous tasking.

To use it, first create an new instance:

# Create a Steamship client # NOTE: When developing a package, just use `self.client` client = Steamship(workspace="my-unique-name") # Create an instance of this generator generator = client.use_plugin('elevenlabs')

Now call generate on that instance:

# Generate text task = generator.generate(text="This is your prompt text") # Wait for completion of the task. task.wait() # Print the output print(task.output.blocks[0].text)

Now that we've tagged the file, we can query it's contents.

Building Agents with elevenlabs

Agents built with the Steamship SDK can be deployed to production-ready APIs with a single command.

  • Horizontal scaling and multi-tenancy is built-in.
  • Metering and chaining across AI providers is handled automatically.
  • Data storage & query across text, vectors, and model output is supported.

The best way to get started is with our Agent Guidebook.