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A storage solution for your AI Agents

Steamship comes ready with a vector database, key-value storage, and blob storage for storing your AI Agent's data.

Vector Storage

The Steamship Vector Store providees managed vector storage and query for your agents.

Integrated Embdedders
Just specify the embedding service and then insert text, or even whole PDFs and Videos..
Stash Metadata
Save arbitrary metadata with your embeddings. Perfect for source material lookup.
Multiple Stores
Instantly create multiple, separate, vector stores with no provisioning overhead.
Chat History Support
Our Agent SDK automatically embeds and queries chat histories for chat completion relevance.

File Storage

Import, generate, and store audio, video, and text for hosting, search, and reference.

Easy hosting
Designate files as public for instant hosting of generated assets.
Streaming Compatible
Steam data into steamship files at the same time your users are streaming out of them.
Async conversions
Convert video, audio, and other formats async for ingestion by your agents.

Key-Value Storage

A BigTable-style key-value storage for data that your Agents need to stash and recall.

Simple interface
Quickly stash and retreive data relevant to user settings or agent memory.
Listable semantics
Key-family style listing provides easy enumeration across groups of keys.

Get started with a Template

We provide a growing library of pre-built AI Agents that you can use to get started quickly. Use these templates to get started quickly and build your own AI Agents. They come with pre-built solutions to image generation, voice generation, text generation, and more.

AI Character with Stable Diffusion

AI Character with Stable Diffusion

Tailor character traits, behaviors, and personality to your precise specifications. Capable of generating Stable Diffusion images.

Question Answering Bot

Question Answering Bot

Learns from PDFs, YouTube videos, and text. Then answers questions about them in natural language.

AI Character with Voice

AI Character with Voice

Tailor character traits, behaviors, and personality to your precise specifications. Responds with voice and generates Stable Diffusion images.