Build, Scale, and Monitor
AI Agents

with serverless cloud hosting, vector search, webhooks, callbacks, and more.

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Auto GPTs
QA Agents
Tools with Memory
Follow our Agent building guide. Then show us what you built on Discord.
Mad scientist


Build serverless agents with our low-code Python SDK.

Robust LangChain support built-in.

class StarTrekCaptainAgent(TelegramAgentService): def __init__(self, **kwargs): super().__init__(incoming_message_agent=None, **kwargs) self.incoming_message_agent = ReACTAgent( tools=[ StableDiffusionTool(), VectorSearchQATool(), ], llm=OpenAI(self.client), ) self.incoming_message_agent.PROMPT = self.build_dynamic_prompt()


Scale fleets of agents with ease

  • Growth: Can I support 1M Users?
    Yes. Every agent auto-scales from 1 to N.
  • Optionality: Can I swap different LLMs?
    Yes. LLMs, Image Generators, Transcription engines.
  • Vector Search: Do you support it?
    Yes. With our integrated Vector Engine & 3rd party options.
  • Multi-User Tehancy: How do I offer it?
    Every Steamship Agent is multi-tenant by default.
  • Versioning: Is this new code different?
    Know by keeping track of prior versions.
Management stack


Monitor your agents and their behavior

  • Task History: What is my agent doing?
    Review every LLM call, reasoning step, and image generation.
  • Logging: Why did it behave oddly?
    Know with detailed invocation logs.
  • Usage: How much is it costing?
    Consolidated tracking across AI providers.
Monitoring capabilities

Simple Billing

Consolidate training, inference, vector search, and endpoint hosting.

Developer Plan

Build and deploy AI projects with confidence.

$10/ mo USD

+ Model Costs

Features included

  • Multi-modal agents
  • Managed vector database
  • Async task chains
  • Persistent user state
  • Cloud agent logging
  • Python API endpoints

Models Included

  • OpenAI, Cohere, HuggingFace, Eleven Labs, AssemblyAI, and more
  • Third party models billed as-used & at-cost
  • Key management, load balancing, and traffic shaping is automatic
  • Detailed per-model & per-agent usage reporting

Support Included

  • Discord community support
  • Agent building guidebook
  • Growing open-source template library