Create a new instance
Each instance provides a private API and web interface. Any uploaded data or fine-tuned models are specific to your instance.

View existing instances
Steamship instances are long-running, full-stack AI apps. You can use one, or one million, to build your own software.


Build and deploy your own packages built with the Steamship SDK.

Steamship is an AI hosting platform that includes:

  • Built-in vector storage & search
  • Low-code development via LangChain & own SDK
  • Key management and load balancing for all major AI models.
  • Asynchronous tasking.
  • Automatic multi-tenancy.
  • Unified metering across AI providers.
  • Data storage & query across text, vectors, and model output.

The best way to get started is by browsing our Build Page. You can be up and running with a GPT-backed API in minutes.


Pricing should be simple.

We offer a generous free plan, and an accessible paid plan that includes access to every major model