Find the threads, intents, and sentiments in unthreaded Slack and Discord chat logs.. Just provide windows of conversation and get back augmented data.

Useful for companies building customer & community support tools that interact with chat rooms.


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Download a Jupyter Demo

> npx try-steamship chat-analytics

From Python

from steamship import Steamship

# See GitHub README for Config requirements
instance = Steamship.use("chat-analytics", config={})

# See GitHub README for available methods
resp = instance.invoke('method', arg1=val1, arg2=val2)
Pulled from the GitHub repository.
# Chat Analytics App

This project contains a Steamship App to analyse and structure chat room message:

* Cluster chat messages into single topic conversations.
* Classify the sentiment of a chat message.
* Classify the intent of a chat message.

## Usage

from steamship import Steamship
from typing import List
from src.api_spec import Message

PACKAGE_HANDLE = 'chat-analytics-app'
ship = Steamship(profile="staging")  # Without arguments, credentials in ~/.steamship.json will be used.
# Fetch app definition
package_instance = ship.use(package_handle=PACKAGE_HANDLE, instance_handle=PACKAGE_HANDLE)
chat_stream: List[Message] = [Message()]
package_instance.invoke("analyze", chat_stream=chat_stream)

## Developing

Development instructions are located in [](

## Testing

Testing instructions are located in [](

## Deploying

Deployment instructions are located in [](

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