Monitor AI Agents

with distributed logging, consolidated usage, tasking, and more.


Track logs across async LLM operations.

  • API and Web logging access to your agents.
  • Structured logging support.
  • Measure LLM & Vector Store latency and performance.
Log Management


View Usage per agent instance.

  • API & Web-based usage reporting for your agents.
  • Break down usage by model.
  • Identify which agents cost what.


Monitor async tasks powering your agent.

  • API & Web-based task reporting for your agents.
  • View task inputs and outputs.
  • Debug what happened after the fact.
Task Management

Simple Billing

Consolidate training, inference, vector search, and endpoint hosting.

Developer Plan

Build and deploy AI projects with confidence.

$10/ mo USD

+ Model Costs

Features included

  • Multi-modal agents
  • Managed vector database
  • Async task chains
  • Persistent user state
  • Cloud agent logging
  • Python API endpoints

Models Included

  • OpenAI, Cohere, HuggingFace, Eleven Labs, AssemblyAI, and more
  • Third party models billed as-used & at-cost
  • Key management, load balancing, and traffic shaping is automatic
  • Detailed per-model & per-agent usage reporting

Support Included

  • Discord community support
  • Agent building guidebook
  • Growing open-source template library