Host managed LangChain Apps in seconds.

Async compute, data storage, embedding search, and custom endpoints built-in.

How does hosted LangChain work?

  1. Swap steamship_langchain classes for select langchain counterparts to get fully-managed hosting.
  2. Wrap your code in Flask-style endpoints to deploy a live, multi-user API.

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Supported Swap-ins

Swap in Steamship's OpenAI class to gain cloud logging and key management.
Buffer Memory
Use Steamship's ConversationBufferMemory class for multi-user, cloud-hosted caching.
Windowed Buffer Memory
Use Steamship's ConversationBufferWindowMemory class for multi-user, cloud-hosted caching.
Google Search
Swap in Steamship's SteamshipSERP class for cloud-managed Google Search.
Embedding Search
Use with Steamship's built-in embedding search plugins to create and search vectors.
Audio Transcription
Use with Steamship's Whisper plugin to convert audio to text.

Cloud Hosting FAQ

Questions? Reach out over email or join our Discord.


How do I host my API?
Just run ship deploy to deploy your API to Steamship's cloud.
How can people use my API?
Steamship auto-generates endpoints protected by key-based authentication.
How can I publish a demo?
For certain project types, we will auto-generate a web page where others can try it.
Can I use any Python?
Just about. Please be reasonable and add your dependencies to requirements.txt.
How do I debug?
Debug like regular Python on Localhost or Replit. If you're stuck, just reach out to
Where are my logs?
Create an instance of your deployed package click the View Logs button from web page.


Are there usage limits?
Our free trial gives you enough room to experiment, then visit your account page to sign up for plan.
What happens if I hit usage limits?
You'll get an error message from our API telling you what happened and how to view our plans.
What's include in a paid plan?
Steamship's paid plans include models from OpenAI, Cohere, HuggingFace Replicate, Assembly, Microsoft, Google, and more. As well as fully-managed embedding search, data management, and endpoint deployment. View the plan page for more!

Response Types

How do I return JSON?
Just return a Python dict object. This recipe shows how.
How do I return an image?
Just return raw bytes plus a MIME type as shown by this recipe.
How do I return audio?
Just return raw bytes plus a MIME type as shown by this recipe.

How to Deploy

Need more help? Reach out over email or join our Discord.

Install our Python library
From the folder containing, run pip install steamship.
Run 'ship deploy'
Installing our python library makes the ship deploy command available. Your first time, you will be walked through a few questions to configure your package.
Share the results
When deployment succeeds, you"ll see a URL that lets anyone try your API on the web or use it over HTTP.